Obesity is a global issue, affecting over 2 billion people. This is an issue that not only has a huge effect on the individual but also the economy. We want to raise awareness and break weight bias in the medical field, workplace and within the household. Learn about the many weight loss solutions from surgical to non-surgical and how a multidisciplinary approach has proven successful for sustainable weight loss.

About Felicity Cohen.

Felicity is one of Australia’s leading pioneers to end obesity and weight-related diseases in children and adults.

She is the founder and CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia (WLSA), an advocate of research, and an active member of the Paediatric Obesity Health jomashop fake watchs21 phone casehandyhülle mit bildsale Transformers Committee, ANZMOSS (Australia New Zealand Metabolic Obesity Surgical Society) and IFSO (International Federation of Surgical Obesity). She was also awarded Australian Business Women of the Year 2021.

As a leader, Felicity embodies her philosophies through her own lifestyle, enabling her to provide wisdom generated from her lived experiences along with leading evidence-based information from her work.


Obesity, Bariatric, Over Weight, Speaker, Leader, Entrepreneur, Educational, Women of Influence

Book Recommendation.

A New Earth – Eckart Tolle

Favourite Quote.

Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses


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Value of Offering.

Valuable insight into the world of obesity and what steps to take to achieve sustainable weight loss.

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